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Pure Transfer's products are made in Great Britain.

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Can't take the pressure? Get a silicone hose!

Is your process line feeling the pressure? Our platinum braided hoses can help you get out of hot water with your boss! Built for higher temperature and pressure applications, these super clean and flexible hoses meet the highest regulatory standards and stand the test of time.

Perfect cleanability

Can stand high temperature


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Don't Learn the Hard Way

Reducing the ‘downtime’ caused by failing or ageing components – is one of the top priorities every manufacturing facility on the planet is looking to do! Tri Clamp-style gaskets are often cited as being the weakest link. High Purity hoses are expected to do all sorts of things they are not designed to do! Often resulting in a much shorter career than anticipated.

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For us, happiness in our work and home lives is just too important not to feel strongly about it. We’re determined to enjoy every minute of every day. So, what does all this have to do with Pure Transfer? How does this fit into the world of high-purity hoses and gaskets? Passion. That’s the connection.

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Platinum Cured Silicone Screen Gasket (Copy)

Platinum Cured Silicone Screen Gasket (Copy)

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CellGyn™ Weldable TPE Bio-Process Tubing

CellGyn™ Weldable TPE Bio-Process Tubing

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Buna Sock Screen

Buna Sock Screen

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EPDM Sock Screen Gasket

EPDM Sock Screen Gasket

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