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From the grounds up…

Awesome. Passionate. People. 

Anyone who knows me will understand that I try to live my life surrounded by those who can be summed up with these 3 words. In fact, I constantly feel drawn towards others who approach their time on this planet with the same principles and fundamentals as I do. 

The thing is, whenever I come across awesome passionate people, I want to share them with the world. It’s a bit like when you’ve seen a new TV show and you can’t get enough of it – so you go around telling your mates, trying to get them to watch it too. I certainly feel that way about some amazing people I’ve come across lately. 

Let me tell you about Jennifer and Carlos Monzon, the founders of Chapín Coffee

Photo of Jenifer Monzon
Photo of Jenifer holding Chapín Coffee

I think it’s only fair to start by pointing out what a big part caffeine plays in my life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that caffeine is my fuel. As a business owner, who often feels there aren’t enough hours in the day, having a brew gets me going in the morning, it keeps me running through the day and, very often, it ensures my brain is (to some extent) working as I burn the midnight oil into the wee hours of the night. Take away my caffeine and I’m pretty sure you’d find me snoring in a corner, not getting very much done. 

Growing up, my caffeine supply always came in the form of tea. It was only later in life that my wife, Julie, introduced the joys of coffee into my world. These days I’d argue that I’m so busy making cappuccinos for my dear other half that I think I’ll soon be able to qualify as a barista! So, as a recent convert to all things coffee-related, I was fascinated to meet Carlos and Jennifer. These are people who’re as passionate about coffee beans as I am about high purity gaskets. 

That’s pretty passionate.  

Their business, based in the US, has an amazing element to it (beyond the super high quality of the coffee they supply) – Chapín Coffee gives back to communities where coffee is produced. With every bag of coffee bought, Chapín donates meals to children in rural Guatemala, where some of the best coffees in the world are grown and 3 out 4 of children suffer from chronic malnutrition. I was blown away by the amount of good work done by Chapín since they launched. They’ve donated over 45,000 meals to children in the coffee growing communities around Santiago, Atitlán in Guatemala. Let’s stop and think about that for a moment. 45,000 meals. 

I was so inspired to listen to Jennifer and Carlos’ journey. They had the idea for the business when living in Chicago back in 2010. Since his childhood, Carlos – whose family is originally from Guatemala – had been passionate about supporting communities in the country. As a kid he would travel from the states to spend summers on the family coffee farm. Jennifer had journeyed around Guatemala as a student, falling in love with the country. Both were inspired to help and their ‘Eureka!’ moment came when they decided to combine this desire for positive change with their love of excellent coffee. 

Now, over a decade later, Carlos and Jennifer’s big idea has progressed from packing beans into bags on their kitchen table to a much larger operation that, through selling excellent coffee to customers across the globe, does so much good. 

What gets me is Chapín’s commitment to quality. You’d have thought that, because it’s all for such a good cause, Jennifer and Carlos would have been happy to sell cheap, low quality coffee to customers who were already sold on their charitable mission. The truth couldn’t be more different. Chapín’s coffee beans come from the top 2% of specialty grade beans worldwide – which means their coffee is very special indeed. For me, that desire for quality, to go above and beyond the basics to give customers an amazing experience, is what I love about Chapín. 

Over the last few years, the unexpected demands of the pandemic meant that Jennifer and Carlos had to adjust their business – directing it more towards subscriptions for home consumers rather than focusing on selling their beans to cafes and corporate offices. Go on, take a look at their website – the range of coffee they’ve curated on there is impressive chapincoffee.com.

Whenever I meet awesome passionate people, I get inspired. Meeting the Chapín founders has been no exception. So, I’ve commissioned a special Pure Transfer coffee blend that will be available to our customers – it tastes great and comes with the amazing knowledge that your cuppa is providing meals for kids in Guatemala. 

Not only that, but the Chapin founders are both keen cyclists – coffee and cycling is a winning combination – so you’ll find their logo on the latest Pure Transfer kit. Expect to see some exciting opportunities coming your way from Pure Transfer, where we’ll give you the chance to support this amazing good cause and enjoy delicious coffee at the same time. 

I’m off for a cheeky cappuccino…


Paul Murphy. 

Founder, puretransfer.com 

Leaky pipes podcast

(Pod) Casting off

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. 

If everyone else heads right, you can be pretty sure I’ll go left. Not because I’m a contrary so-and-so (although I can be), but because I’m convinced that using the path less travelled gives you the space to spread out – the room to do new things with passion. In fact, I’d usually follow the general rule that if you’re doing the same things as everyone else, you’re probably doing something wrong. Or, if not ‘wrong’ exactly, ‘dull’ might be a better description. 

If there’s one thing the team at Pure Transfer has never been accused of, it’s being dull. 

We don’t do dull. 

Now, with all that said, it doesn’t take a genius to spot that podcasts have arrived on planet Earth with quite a bang! With the aid of social media, smart phones, smart speakers and the rest, podcasts are, as I’m sure you know, quite the thing. I’m not unaware that, these days, everyone and his dog has their own podcast. In fact, it might be quicker to put together a list of people who don’t have their own podcast than compile one of those who do! Which is probably why I can hear you shout: 

“Murph! If you don’t do what everyone else is doing, why are you releasing a podcast?”

The answer is simple. Podcasts are a form of communication so embedded in our 21st Century lives that to ignore them would be a bit like announcing a company doesn’t need a website, or phones or an internet connection. Yes, Leaky Pipes is a podcast, but it’s a podcast done OUR way. We’re not blindly following the masses. What we’re doing is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a technological revolution!

We’ve grasped the nettle and decided to use our podcast to share Pure Transfer’s philosophy with the world! In each episode, I’ll be joined by writer Chris McGuire as my partner in crime. Chris glories in not knowing anything about the high purity world, which means he’s the perfect person to make sure we don’t go off into an overly-technical tangent. Together we talk about manufacturing, life and approaches to business in today’s fast-paced ecosystem. 

Over recent weeks, setting everything up, I’ve had to get used to listening to the sound of my own voice (how Mrs. Murphy copes is beyond me) and I’ve discovered that what I love about Leaky Pipes, as a listener, is it’s funny. Chris and me are two people, who probably enjoy the sound of their own voice a little too much, shooting the breeze. 

If you’re after a po-faced podcast discussing the relative merits of dehydrated fluff, then frankly Leaky Pipes isn’t for you. If, however, you’ve ever wondered what 25 minutes of high purity hi-jinks, with banter, guests and a truly unhealthy focus on cake sounds like. Give Leaky Pipes a whirl. Yes, we’re well aware that the first few will probably be awful but we all have to start somewhere and how will you know if we get better if you don’t listen to how bad we are at the beginning? 

The truth is, we’ll be making it anyway, so you might as well listen!

Cheers all, ‘Murph’

Paul Murphy. Founder, puretransfer.com

Listen to the teasers on Youtube. episide 1 teaser below: