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    Gasket Life

    Paul Murphy, Founder of Pure Transfer, announces the launch of Gasket Life.

    Paul Murphy - Job Role

    We’re excited.

    We really are. You see, for as long as there’s been a Pure Transfer, we’ve always wanted to share our passion for all things high purity with as many people as humanly possible.


    We understand that gaskets, hoses and the like are central to the smooth running of all our lives. That’s why we’re determined to give the best possible service and provide the most up to speed know-how to our customers. We understand that the job these bits of kit do is vitally important.

    The thing is, for some reason or other, a lot of people have got it into their heads that gaskets are a bit boring.

    Crazy eh?

    OK, the average gasket doesn’t offer as many thrills as a long weekend in Vegas. But to call them boring just isn’t on! Our desire to show everyone how exciting gaskets can be led to the birth of Gasket Life, a series of amazingly funny animations, created with the brilliant team at Pushed, staring our gasket range.

    Our first Gasket Life animation launched this week and we want to share it with you. This cartoon features The Screen Gasket and shows off its uncanny ability to keep production assemblies pure.

    Make sure you watch this space for more Gasket Life gems, we’re sure you’re going to love

    You’ll find the whole series embedded on our gasket product pages. Check them out!

    LMBGL (living my best gasket life),
    Paul Murphy

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