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    If I was doing this on the telly, there’d be sad music and slow motion black and white clips now.

    Andy - Job Role

    Why? Because what I want to talk to you about is truly tragic. OK, maybe ‘tragic’ is stretching things a bit. 

    What am I talking about? The Pure Transfer YouTube channel, of course! 

    Despite the fact Pure Transfer is constantly creating eye-catching original (and if there’s any justice in the World, soon to be multi-award winning) content for our other social accounts, the PTL YouTube channel (home to Meet the Flexis & Gasket Life) only has 15 subscribers

    No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. It wasn’t a typo. I didn’t miss any noughts off. We have 15 people subscribed to this amazing source of top drawer content: my nan, my mum, my wife, my 4 kids, some staff from work and a couple of people I met in the queue at Tesco. Add them all together and Hey Presto! 15 is the magic number! 

    Don’t get me wrong, the people who’ve subscribed are all amazing. But with the investment we’ve put into content production I can only conclude that on a cost per subscriber basis it would be cheaper to hire Beyoncé to perform a concert, singing specially commissioned Pure Transfer songs written by Paul McCartney, in each subscriber’s back yard.

    So, after many, many, hours in various meetings (with various teams) something major happened. We ran out of content funds. Our marketing account now contains one of the few numbers smaller than the total on our subscriber list. 

    So, it has fallen to me to get subscribers. I was going to say that I’m not going to beg. But, on second thoughts, I am. I’ve never begged for anything before, so technically I can spin this as an innovative new strategy. I’ll call it a BUILDING SALES BEGGING FUNNEL!

    Please, please, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/@PureTransfer

    Now I know, unlike my children, you don’t accept bribes. Despite that, we’re going to be randomly giving out some amazing Pure Transfer goodies to randomly picked subscribers. Not only that, our millionth subscriber will receive a Pure Transfer tea cosy. Just think, that could be you. 

    So, tell all your friends, get involved and subscribe to our YouTube channel. It could be the most important thing you do today (assuming you don’t do much else).  

    Cheers all, 

    paul murph sign off

    Paul Murphy. Founder, puretransfer.com

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