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    Gylon Bio-Pro®, our latest blockbuster product

    The GYLON range is world famous in PTFE circles – dignified and always guaranteed to steal the show. Here’s our 5 star review.

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    Gylon Bio-Pro® Brought to you by:
    Garlock/Rubber Fab

    These gaskets are designed to resist all the problems that make other gaskets crumble, from over-tightening to wear and tear.

    “Manufacturers that install these gaskets can often be heard to say that the production lines that use our gaskets are issue free”

    Paul Murphy

    The Gylon Bio-Pro® Backstory

    Pharmaceutical businesses that don’t use GYLON Bio-Pro® regularly have to replace their gaskets because they’re unreliable divas – they need too much attention, maintenance, contaminate the product, stick to expensive equipment, and (spoiler alert) create leaks. Contamination is obviously a no-go in any industry, but particularly pharmaceuticals. It can mean downtime, product recalls, quarantining, and even throwing out a whole batch – that’s not the happy ending we all crave. A quality gasket you can trust makes all the difference.

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    The plot thickens

    Gaskets are up against it in pharmaceuticals. They have to withstand tough cleaning and sterilisation, and seamlessly process extreme acid and alkaline materials without breaking a sweat. They’re carrying the whole production on their shoulders! For factories processing lots of different materials, it’s important to be able to rely on something failsafe and sanitary. That’s exactly what GLYON Bio-Pro® provides. Manufacturers that install these gaskets can often be heard to say that the production lines that use our gaskets are issue free. They’re a shoo-in for an Oscar nomination too.

    Our 5 star review

    Pharmaceutical grade products demand pharmaceutical grade equipment. The GYLON Bio-Pro® is a gasket manufacturers, audiences, and reviewers can really trust. It withstands high temperatures, tough conditions, and never lets you down. She’s so good you could kiss her (not until the last scene though).

    Paul Murphy
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