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    We proudly manufacture our high purity silicone hoses in Great Britain.

    Pure Transfer proudly manufacture our high purity silicone hoses in Great Britain.
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    Behind the machinery

    When you hear the word ‘factory’, what comes to mind?

    Are you thinking about textile mills with massive looms and looming chimneys? Perhaps you’re imagining vast, shed-like, buildings with seemingly endless production lines that rumble on, day and night, under unnaturally bright lights? Some might be thinking of super hi-tech environments filled with sinister robots, not people.

    The Pure Transfer Factory isn’t like any of the above. We don’t have monumental smoking chimneys, endless production lines or even slightly sinister robots. In fact, from the outside, our factory is the type of place you could easily miss. That said, despite its anonymous exterior, what goes on inside the Pure Transfer factory has a major impact upon the smooth running of many vital industries.

    We’re proud of the Pure Transfer factory, it’s a great place to work. When you step inside, you can’t help but notice the friendly faces, the family atmosphere and the quality of work being done.

    If you ever want to drop in and see our factory in action, let us know. We’d be thrilled to introduce you to the team and share our know-how, along with a perfectly brewed cuppa and a biscuit (or two).

    Zero sinister robots

    Aiding the smooth running of vital industries

    Full of friendly faces

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