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    Our promise to you

    Here at Pure Transfer, we believe in excellence every day.

    We want our customers to expect and receive the very best in customer service each and every time they call on us. That’s why all of our work is guided by our 4-part Service Promise.

    We act with passion & purpose:

    We’re passionate about what we do. This passion always has a purpose, to serve our clients’ needs. Our customers’ problems become our problems until we solve them.

    We listen & understand:

    Our know-how about high purity systems is second to none. We’ve found that the best way to use this knowledge, for the benefit of our customers, is to really listen to their problems and concerns. Time and again, our most innovative solutions come from a focused understanding of the clients’ needs.

    We exceed expectations:

    For us, doing an ‘OK’ job simply isn’t good enough. Our passionate and knowledgeable team is driven to constantly exceed each and every expectation that our customers may have. Providing excellent service is simply what we do.

    We sweat the small stuff:

    We understand the importance of attention to detail. In every aspect of our work, from interacting with customers to fine-tuning machinery, we’re focused on doing everything to a the very best of our ability. Our customers deserve nothing less.

    Pure Transfer service promise.


    Service is everything to us. If something goes wrong, we take it personally. If we don't deliver on time, we take it personally. This doesn't mean we get it right all the time, but it does mean we're constantly trying to improve our service. We always analyse everything we do, looking for improvements to be made. This mindset is at the core of our existence.

    We deliver on time

    We mitigate risks

    We’re always improving our services


    To us, experience is a funny thing. Just because you have done something for a long time, it doesn’t necessarily make you good at it!

    What sets us apart? We have lots of experience – but approach everything with passion. We deliver awesome products to people with the aim of them becoming as passionate about it as we are.

    We’re passionate about our sector

    Our experience helps us advise accordingly

    We’re understand the needs of our industry


    We give advice based on the best solutions, not just based on what we can offer! We understand our customers’ needs, and believe that by better understanding the people, we can better understand the problem.

    We listen to our customers

    We look for the best solutions

    We’re accountable, and always improving

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