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    Back to business

    As Covid precautions disappear into the rear view mirror, Paul ‘Murph’ Murphy wonders how to restart those business relationships that feel a lot more than socially distant.

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    Things you never thought you’d say out loud… 

    I miss sitting in service station car parks, eating pasties and drinking (bad) coffee. 

    I really do. 

    Getting out there, all over the country, to meet and spend time with customers used to be one of the highlights of my job. Yes, it often meant spending too long on the overcrowded highways of this green and pleasant land, but, if I’m honest, when it comes to building relationships I’m a great believer in doing things in real life. Call me old fashioned if you like. 

    During the height of the pandemic, there was a period there when you couldn’t open a newspaper, turn on the TV or refresh your phone without someone mentioning the ‘New Normal’. This state of affairs, that came along with Covid, meant that (to a greater or lesser extent) we all got used to doing things at arm’s length. Wearing masks, standing behind floor markings and attending online meetings soon became run-of-the-mill. Thankfully, these measures did their job and the moment of crisis seems to have passed. 

    Say hello!

    So, I’ve got a question for you. Now that we have dropped most of the precautions we were taking back then, can we try to get beyond having meetings via laptops in our pyjamas? You see, for me, a business like Pure Transfer is all about relationships; which means we’re keen to get out there and say hello – now that we’re allowed to!

    Getting back on track

    The thing is, it’s never easy to reignite a relationship with someone you haven’t seen in a while. We’ve all had those moments with old mates from school, when you bump into them, after you haven’t seen each other in years. You know what I’m talking about. You’re standing in the carpark at B&Q having a painfully stilted conversation, with lots of forced smiling, nodding and saying ‘Good, that’s good to hear.’ 

    It’s just awkward. 

    That said, I’m a great believer in pushing through the pain. Getting on with it and trying to re-establish contact, beyond the constantly glitching technology of the Zoom meeting, seems like a goal worth pursuing. 


    So, what do you think? Are you ready to see your business contacts face to face (in real life (IRL) again) or do you prefer the ease of a virtual meeting? For me, if you’re selling something you really can’t beat being with the client, showing them a sample, letting them handle it, having a cup of tea and a chat. You simply can’t mimic that online. Trust me, I’ve tried. 

    How have you found getting back to business? Do you find your contacts are keen to emerge from their Covid bunkers or have the last couple of years changed things forever? I hope not, because I simply can’t wait to get back to getting in my car and meeting with people, even if that means spending too long in grotty service stations, covered in pasty crumbs, scalding myself with subpar coffee. 

    It’s funny the things you miss, isn’t it?

    Cheers all, Murph

    Paul Murphy. Founder, puretransfer.com 

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