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    Pure Transfer, where anything hose

    Paul Murphy, Pure Transfer founder, discusses the other high purity love of his life…

    Andy - Job Role

    Being ‘pigeon-holed’, that’s what they call it. 

    All of a sudden you’re known for doing something really well and everyone expects you to carry on doing that ‘thing’ forever. Personally, I know exactly how Arnold Schwarzenegger felt when he was only offered tough-guy roles. Not that I’m regularly offered the starring roles in Hollywood blockbusters – which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is their loss. What I’m saying is a similar degree of pigeon-holing occurred to us, here at Pure Transfer, when we became so well known as ‘The Gasket People’. 

    It’s perfectly understandable why we’ve become synonymous with gaskets in so many people’s minds. We have a lot of passion for high purity gaskets. 

    But here’s the newsflash: We’re also passionate about our high purity hose range. 

    In fact, we manufacture our own high purity hose assemblies right here at Pure Transfer HQ.

    So, to firmly rid everyone of the idea that our know-how only applies to gaskets, we wanted to share some of our hard-earned hose savvy with you. Before we start, let’s get technical for a moment, when we say ‘Hose’, what we actually mean is high purity hose assemblies – which, you’ll agree, is a bit of a mouthful. 

    Everyone happy? Off we go… 

    Where are high purity hoses used?

    At Pure Transfer, we’re proud to manufacture the high purity hose assemblies that are so vital within the pharmaceutical and biotech process lines that create medicines, vaccines and biologics.  

    Our hoses are designed to thrive in these highly sensitive working environments where excellence is more than an abstract concept, it’s a daily necessity. We work tirelessly to ensure all aspects of our hose product range, from design and construction to installation and operation, are free of any element that could contaminate the final product. Falling below a standard of perfection could create catastrophic outcomes and is completely unacceptable. 

    Thankfully, here at Pure Transfer, avoiding contamination and maintaining purity is something we excel at.  

    Q: Where are high purity hoses used? 

    Answer: In environments where nothing less than perfection will do.

    What does a high purity hose do? (The hugely simplified version)

    The high purity hoses we manufacture, here at Pure Transfer, are used to join two high purity components together. Hoses are used for many reasons, such as ease of assembly and disassembly, the practicalities of daily usage and the requirements of load cells. As a general rule, hoses are usually found in those places where traditional stainless-steel pipework won’t fit or where flexibility is paramount to the purity process line. 

    Put simply, our hoses are the bendy bits between bits of kit. 

    It might sound obvious, but it’s vital that a high purity hose is fitted correctly. A common mistake is to put too much strain on the hose’s connections, which will result in leakage. Failure to install a hose assembly in the right way can lead to catastrophic effects, both in terms of pollution of the final product and the financial costs of assembly downtime.

    Q: What does a high purity hose do? 

    Answer: It provides a flexible connection between two high purity components. 

    What are high purity hoses made of?

    It’s not as simple a question as it may sound. A variety of materials are used in the high purity hoses we manufacture. What these materials have in common is they have characteristics that ensure contamination is not possible. Our hoses comply with many biocompatibility standards, such as FDA CFR 21, FDA CFR 177 and USP Class VI. Not only that, every end connection we use is compatible with the process fluids and cleaning solutions, without degrading the purity of the line. 

    Q: What are our high purity hoses made of?

    Answer: The right stuff. 

    The price of peace of mind

    We’re justifiably proud of the way our hose assemblies are designed, tested and manufactured. With hoses, as with our gaskets, we have a well-deserved reputation for supplying the best. 

    Our clients understand that our hoses don’t come with bargain basement price tags. What they come with is a guarantee of reliability and quality, which provide a peace of mind which is truly priceless. 

    Leveraging our know-how leaves our customers so relaxed that, if you listen carefully, you can probably hear the sound of stress leaving their bodies. 

    At least, we think that’s stress. 

    Getting the right hose for the job

    Choosing the correct hose means a careful process of selection. At a basic level, picking the ‘right’ hose means matching the material it’s made of to the demands of the particular part of process assembly where it will be used. Questions must include:

    • How resistant to solvents must the material be?
    • How easy to clean does the material need to be?
    • How flexible does the material need to be?

    The list goes on. 

    At Pure Transfer, our team has the hose know-how to guide you through the process of choosing the right hose for your needs. We’ll move heaven and earth to help. 

    So that’s hoses…

    At Pure Transfer we’re proud to be ‘The Gasket People’ but we’re so much more than that. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, we have range. Our high purity hoses set the standard for an industry that is obsessed with perfection. That said, there’s one thing that we don’t mind being pigeon-holed about, the quality of our customer service. We make a simple promise: our customers’ problems become our problems, until we solve them.

    Paul Murphy

    PS – if you want to find out EVEN MORE about high purity hoses, then check out our industry insights page ‘Life is a bed of hoses’.

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