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    Batch Record

    Documents prepared for each process batch which include all ingredients, process details and equipment used to make the product. Manufacturers of regulated drug products are also required to prepare a master batch record.

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    In manufacturing, particularly in regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and food production, a batch record is a detailed document that provides a comprehensive record of the production process and quality control activities for a specific batch of a product. The batch record serves as a critical part of the documentation system to ensure product quality, regulatory compliance, and traceability.

    Key components of a batch record

    Here are key components typically included in a batch record:

    Batch Identification

    Each batch record is uniquely identified with a batch number or code, which is used to track and trace the products throughout their lifecycle.

    Manufacturing Instructions

    Detailed instructions and procedures for manufacturing the product are documented, including formulations, equipment setup, operating parameters, and processing steps.

    Raw Materials and Components

    Information on the raw materials, components, and packaging materials used in the production process, including their specifications, quantities, lot numbers, and expiration dates.

    In-process Controls

    Records of in-process testing and monitoring conducted during production to ensure product quality and consistency. This may include measurements of critical process parameters, sampling, and visual inspections.

    Environmental Conditions

    Documentation of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and cleanliness maintained during production, storage, and handling of materials.

    Equipment Calibration and Maintenance

    Records of equipment calibration, maintenance, and cleaning procedures to ensure proper functioning and prevent contamination or cross-contamination.

    Quality Control Testing

    Results of quality control tests performed on raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products to verify compliance with specifications and regulatory requirements.

    Packaging and Labelling

    Details of packaging materials used, labeling specifications, and packaging operations, including any special handling instructions or precautions.

    Batch Yield and Reconciliation

    Calculations of batch yield and reconciliation of materials used against materials issued to ensure accuracy and completeness of the production process.

    Documentation Review and Approval

    Signatures or electronic approvals of authorised personnel verifying the accuracy and completeness of the batch record, including any deviations or discrepancies noted during production.

    Storage and Distribution

    Information on storage conditions, handling procedures, and distribution of finished products, including any special storage requirements or transportation considerations.

    Documentation Archiving

    Procedures for maintaining and archiving batch records in accordance with regulatory requirements, typically for a specified period of time.

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