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    Braided Covered Silicone Hose

    Three or more strands of flexible material interlaced to form a length; used to cover a hose for abrasion and chemical-resistance.

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    A braided covered silicone hose is a type of flexible tubing used in various industrial applications where flexibility, durability, and resistance to high temperatures are required. Here’s an overview of its key features and applications:


    Braided covered silicone hoses typically consist of a flexible silicone inner tube that provides excellent temperature resistance and maintains flexibility over a wide range of temperatures. This inner tube is reinforced with one or more layers of braided polyester or aramid fibers, which enhance the hose’s strength and pressure resistance. The outer covering is often made of silicone, providing additional protection and resistance to environmental factors such as UV exposure, ozone, and moisture.

    Temperature Resistance

    Silicone hoses are known for their exceptional temperature resistance, typically ranging from -50°C to 200°C (-58°F to 392°F) or higher, depending on the specific formulation and reinforcement materials used. This makes them suitable for applications involving extreme temperatures, such as in automotive, aerospace, and industrial processes.


    The braided construction of these hoses allows for flexibility while maintaining structural integrity, making them suitable for applications where bending or twisting is required. This flexibility also facilitates installation in tight or confined spaces.

    Pressure Rating

    The reinforcement provided by the braided cover enhances the hose’s pressure resistance, allowing it to withstand higher pressures compared to non-reinforced silicone hoses. Pressure ratings can vary depending on factors such as hose diameter, wall thickness, and reinforcement material.

    Chemical Resistance

    Silicone hoses offer good resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and fuels. However, compatibility with specific chemicals should be verified based on the intended application.

    Applications of Braided Covered Silicone Hose

    Braided covered silicone hoses find application in various industries, including:


    Used for coolant systems, turbocharger connections, intercooler hoses, and vacuum lines.


    Used for fluid transfer in aircraft systems, including fuel lines, hydraulic lines, and ventilation ducts.

    Pharmaceutical and Food Processing

    Suitable for conveying fluids in sanitary applications due to their non-toxic, odourless, and tasteless properties.

    A great hose for demanding applications

    Overall, braided covered silicone hoses offer a combination of flexibility, durability, temperature resistance, and chemical compatibility, making them suitable for demanding applications across multiple industries.

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