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    FDA Rubber Hose

    A hose made of rubber that is designed to transport fluids without imparting odour or taste. It’s intended for sanitary suctions and discharge and is specifically created to meet FDA requirements for sanitary use.

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    An FDA rubber hose refers to a type of rubber hose that is compliant with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and regulations. These hoses are specifically designed for applications that involve the processing, handling, or transportation of food and beverage products. Compliance with FDA standards is crucial in these applications to ensure that the hose material does not contaminate the food products and is safe for food contact.

    Key features of FDA rubber hoses

    Key features of FDA rubber hoses include:

    Material Safety

    The rubber material used in these hoses must be of a grade that is safe for contact with food. This means it should not contain any toxic or harmful substances that could leach into the food product.


    The hose material should not react with the food or beverages it comes in contact with, which could otherwise alter the taste, appearance, or safety of the food product.

    Resistance to Sanitising Agents

    These hoses are often exposed to various cleaning and sanitizing chemicals. Therefore, they need to be resistant to these substances without degrading.


    FDA rubber hoses should be durable and capable of withstanding the operational conditions they are exposed to, such as pressure, temperature variations, and potential abrasive forces.

    Temperature Resistance

    They often need to tolerate a range of temperatures, especially if used for hot processes or cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures.


    Common applications include use in dairy industries, beverage production, food processing plants, and any other applications where food-grade materials are required.

    Certification and Compliance

    Manufacturers of FDA rubber hoses typically provide certification or documentation to prove compliance with FDA standards.

    Maintenance and Hygiene

    These hoses must be easy to clean and maintain, as hygiene is a critical concern in food processing applications.

    Other regulations and factors to consider

    It’s important to note that while FDA compliance is a key factor for hoses used in food and beverage applications in the United States, other countries may have their own regulatory standards and requirements. When selecting an FDA rubber hose, it’s crucial to ensure that it meets the specific needs of the application in terms of size, temperature range, pressure rating, and chemical compatibility.

    Check out Pure Transfer’s range of FDA compliant hoses. We detail the standards under each product.

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