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    The Gasket People

    Pure Transfer’s founder, Paul Murphy, reflects on the role gaskets play in all our lives.

    Paul Murphy - Job Role

    Gaskets, Gaskets, Gaskets

    They say that, in most big cities, you’re never any more than 6ft away from a rat.

    That’s probably an exaggeration. From my visits to big cities, I’d argue that never being more than 6ft away from a coffee shop is far more likely.

    It’s a bit like that with gaskets. Gaskets are everywhere. I wouldn’t say you’re never more than 6ft away from a gasket, but I’d bet that you’ve used several products today that couldn’t be manufactured without the aid of these underappreciated bits of kit.

    The thing is, most people never give gaskets a second thought. Don’t worry, never thinking about gaskets is completely normal. There are very few of us gasket geeks who spend our time focused on what these rubbery rings should or shouldn’t do.

    At Pure Transfer, we’re ‘The Gasket People’, famed for our level of high purity gasket knowhow, so I thought it was about time I shared a little more about these wonderful bits of kit with you.


    Whenever I say ‘Gasket’ I really mean something based on a ‘Tri-clamp®’ or ‘Tri-clover®’ gasket, originally created by Alfa Laval Inc., many moons ago. The generic versions of these gaskets are now the industry standard within high purity process lines.

    Despite the fact that, to the untrained observer, these rubber ‘O’s look a bit like flat donuts (I wouldn’t suggest you ever tried to eat one) they perform a hugely important job – more on that later. As such, they conform to the highest industry standards such as those laid out by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the FDA and USP Class VI.


    Our gaskets are part of the process lines that create medicines, vaccines, biological materials, some foods, drinks and many more. It’s a serious business. I’m talking about working in environments where every aspect of the design, construction and operation of a process system is minutely considered to ensure nothing can pollute the final product.

    The result of a contamination could be catastrophic for the human or animal end users, so anything less than perfection is completely unacceptable.


    It’s a good question. The gaskets we use help join two ‘mating’ surfaces (I’ll leave you to make up your own jokes). Put simply, gaskets create a sealed and hygienic union between a pair of ferrules (think pipes) in order to ensure there’s a continuously flush surface inside the high purity process line. It’s vital that the gasket is fitted properly to ensure the interior of the join is free from ‘dead space’ where material can become caught. A build-up of unwanted material could quickly lead to the contamination of whatever product is being produced by the high purity line. This would be bad.


    That’s why, at Pure Transfer, we’re committed to excellence. We believe in using our know-how to ensure we supply customers with quality products that will last. Yes, it’s possible to fill a process line with very cheap gaskets, but not without a very real risk of contaminating £10,000s of product. That’s not how we work.

    When clients come to us, they understand that the gaskets we provide won’t be at bargain basement prices. What we supply are reliable products perfectly matched to the exacting requirements of their process assemblies.

    Our gaskets are the best because of the way they are designed, tested and manufactured. Our service is the best because we understand what the gaskets we supply can, and can’t, do. Like latter-day Cilla Blacks, I think of us as matchmakers, we match the right gasket to the right usage to create a connection that lasts.


    You know that bit in Cinderella? You do. The bit where Cinders loses her glass slipper and the prince must go all around the kingdom trying her lost slipper on random feet to find the perfect match? Gaskets can be a bit like that.

    There’s so much to consider when picking the gasket you need for any situation. At a basic level, it’s all about the material the gasket is made of. How easy is it to clean? How does it react to steam? How flexible is it? Is it resistant to solvents? The list goes on… and on.


    Choosing the right gasket for the job isn’t easy. That’s why our customers value what we do. At Pure Transfer, we’ve spent untold hours building up our gasket know-how. We know all about temperature ranges, chemical resistance, creep and degradation, that’s why we’re the perfect people to talk to if you need a little assistance (or a lot) in choosing the correct gasket for your needs.

    There’s so much to consider when picking the gasket you need for any situation. At a basic level, it’s all about the material the gasket is made of. How easy is it to clean? How does it react to steam? How flexible is it? Is it resistant to solvents? The list goes on… and on.


    As ‘The Gasket People’ we’re keen to share the wondrous things these impressive bits of kit do with the world. Watch this space for some amazing new gasket animations we’ve created with the award winning production company Pushed. You’re going to love them!


    I’d hope that, by now, you feel like you know a bit more about the world of gaskets. Remember, if you’d like more information, Pure Transfer: The Gasket People are always here to help.

    Paul Murphy

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